Picked in the morning, served at lunch.

From plant to plate. We’ve been doing it since 2016. You can’t put a price on the inspiration and freshness of ingredients handpicked from the garden. Working the soil, planting, watering and harvesting: we do them all with pleasure.
The delightful fragrances and colours are early signs of the new season; the first tomato, the first aubergine. There’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of fresh picked vegetables.

The garden forms the soul of our restaurant, our menu and our vision.

In our large field in the Brixen region, we cultivate more than 80 different types of vegetables, herbs and fruit. These are incorporated into our menu, which changes constantly with the seasons and reflects what’s in flower in the garden at that time and what tastes best. We want our customers to taste how delicious our vegetables are, in a relaxing setting in the most glorious location imaginable: our eight-metre high greenhouse in Brixen’s Lidopark.

To provide our guests with the best possible selection of in-season vegetables, we also work with farmers around Brixen, who supply us with the very best products they have. All of which are sustainably and organically grown.